Samsung spinoff IOFIT launches smart golf shoes

By Tobe Attah – August 8th, 2016

Samsung recently began working with a Creative Lab project for one of their first official spinoff startups. The startup team developed the IOFIT smart golf shoes, a pair of trainers that help golfers improve their games.

“In the past, the only way for golfers to get professional feedback on their swing was to hire a coach or purchase equipment that costs thousands of dollars,” IOFIT CEO and co-founder Jacob Cho told Business Wire. “Now, with just a pair of shoes and an app, golfers can quickly and smartly improve their game while having fun.”

The IOFIT guides users via personalized feedback, offering insights into how the golfers are leaning and if they’re transitioning their weight well during swings. The shoe’s waterproof sensors are designed to detect slight changes in the pressure distribution in a matter of milliseconds.    

This shoe can communicate with users via Bluetooth through their iOS or Android app, which includes optional video-syncing capabilities, a professional swing library, and many other features to help track progress. The shoe even allows you to send your analyzed data and videos to peers and coaches, allowing users to develop their game even off of the course.

It is no surprise the shoes have garnered plenty of backers on Kickstarter. The project has already collected about $47,000 in donations, cruising well past the goal of $30,000.

“It made sense for us to launch a product like IOFIT on Kickstarter because of its strong global community of innovators and technologists,” Cho said. “We brought a very experienced product development team together from leading companies like Samsung and PING to fulfill our mission to empower golfers with meaningful data.”

The shoe’s ability to act as a virtual coach for lay users hopes to one day create a generation of golf enthusiasts ready to improve their golf swing and overall balance on the course.

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